Step 1.  Sign up for the free Scan-to-Chat QR Code with this link Get Scan-to-Chat QR Code

and go through the steps.  Remember to fill out your business info and job opening info.

Use our promote code FREEQR if needed.

Step 2. Edit flyer and download the Scan-To-Chat QR Code

After step1, we generate a flyer for you includes the generated QR code per job post. You can alsow download the QR Code and insert it to your job flyer that you editting in Microsoft Word or other program


Step 3. Print, Post your flyers on your store front or Place on front desk and Download app to communicate with job seekers at your time of convenience 

Download app ( from this link or by scanning this QR code )

and login with login ID/password from your registration on step 1. The app is for you to post job and chat with candidates at time of convenience and away from the computer, and without giving your personal phone number away.


Now you can receive text/app notification view interested candidate profiles, response to chat messages

from these candidates at your time of convenience

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