Get started by following these four easy steps: 

Step 1: Register as an Employer on Hiring.Chat

  1. Visit and click on Sign Up
  2. Enter your Name, Phone Number, and Password
  3. Click on “Get Started”
  4. Click on “I want to post jobs”
  5. Select “Tell Us About Your Business.”
  6. Fill out the form, enter your business name, Avata, Main Category, Address, Phone, and a brief description 
  7. Click on Update to begin posting the Job

Step 2: Post your first job ad 

  1. Enter the job title, type, category, hiring position, description, language, location type, pay rate, and application instructions.
  2. Ensure to include “Scan QR code to chat with hiring manager/store owner” on Application Instruction
  3. Click “Review & Submit” to submit the job post
  4. Click “Edit” to make any necessary revisions to the job post
  5. Proceed by clicking “Next” to post the job
  6. Finally, click “Post” to confirm and publish the job

Step 3: How to Edit and Print Job Flyer

  1. Click on the “Get Flyer” link on top of the QR Code to begin editing the job flyer 
  2. Click on “OK, I got it.”
  3. Edit text or add images by clicking anywhere on the flyer.
  4. Click on the print icon to print the job flyer.
    Edit Flyer

Step 4: Download the app, log in, and begin chatting with job seekers.
    For Android: – Apps on Google Play

    For IOS: – find local jobs on the App Store (

    How to Chat 

Need Help? Scan the QR code to initiate a chat with our support team or Call (567) 678-5724.



Hiring.Chat: A New Job Marketplace To Match Current Job Market Reality

Business Owners: Skip the hassle of sifting through long resumes before assessing job fit. streamlines the process by asking job seekers a few key questions to verify authenticity and locality. Connect directly with local talent and explore available positions hassle-free.

Job Seekers: With, job seekers answer a few essential questions, verify their authenticity and locality, and can immediately start chatting with local businesses for available positions.

Support America’s Local Businesses

Join us at – where we’re committed to supporting local businesses by providing a free hiring app. Connect with talented individuals in your area effortlessly. Let’s empower your business together!

About The Team

“Located in Southern California, we are a team comprising seasoned local business owners, technical specialists, and individuals from diverse backgrounds – both young and experienced. Our mission is to assist local businesses in swiftly filling their job vacancies. Partner with us as we strive to grow alongside you.

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