Post Your Jobs for 2 Weeks, FREE!

We support our local business. All business get unlimited number of job posts, and free for the first 2 weeks of each job post. In case you want more than two weeks, you can extend your job post for $10 each additional week. We sincerily hope you don’t have to pay us!

A Unique QR Code for Your Job Post

Login and edit/print your job post’ flyer with QR code. You can post post your flyer with QR code in your store front. People who are interested in your job opening can scan the QR code and chat to you directly.

Get Your Business in Front of Local Job Seekers helps you quickly connect with local job seekers. Your post is available in our marketplace, in local social networks, and in our app. You can print and edit your flyer and QR code

Be First to Connect

Direct chat let you be proactive in the hiring process, the quicker you connect to candidates, the faster you could fill your opening positions. We support you chatting directly with interested candidates any time of your convenience, rom website and from mobile app.

Job Post Status on

The following are the status of your job posts on

  • ACTIVE  This is after you have successfully posted your job and/or make the payment for the job post, you  can EDIT your job post or CLOSE it.
  • PENDING This when you have issues making payment or posting your job, please contact us at, call us or chat to us from from Contact Us page or try to make the payment again. You can MAKE PAYMENT from the job detail page, or go to Update button and EDIT or DELETE your job post.
  • EXPIRED  This when your job post has expired. You can REPOST the job with new expiration date, or DELETE your job
  • CLOSED  This when your job post has been closed by you. You can REPOST the job or DELETE your job

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