Hiring Managers Explained What Not To Put On Your Resume (If You Ever Need One)

It’s no secret that at certain point in our working life we have spent manny of hours working on our resume. It is even harder for newly grads or young workers who are entering the workforce, they don’t have much relevant experience to write about.  New job site such as our Hiring.chat allows job seekers to connect with hiring manager, chat, and find out if there is a mutual interests or job fit before working on their resume to better match with the job position’s requirements, and in many cases, they can get hired without the need for laboring on a resume.

That said, if you ever need to write a resume, then here are the best advices we took from the top recruiters and employment agencies who worked with us regarding what not to put on your resume.

Keep it simple. Too much wording can hurt you

We tent to overloading our resume with information that may not be relevant to the job that you are applying for. Hobbies, interests, favorite football teams etc.. are irrelevant most of the time. Keep only the relevant experience on your resume.

I got a resume from a great candidate but nobody want to read it because he wrote pages and pages of job experiences he had since his  highs school time

Be Honest. Don’t lie about your experience or where you worked

A little exaggeration of your responsibility  may be  ok, but straight lie about where you worked or job title may come back to hurt you during the interview or followup. And if you put that into the job application, it may come back and hurt you years later.

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